Alderton Associates were instructed to provide a feasibility report for the remedial works to the raised podium and garages beneath serving Brunswick and Dalkeith Court. The core aim of was to provide the client and residents with a summary of the issues and defects along with an estimate of the works.


The car park and raised podium are of mass reinforced concrete construction. The podium deck has been waterproofed with asphalt and concrete pavers have been laid on top. There is a raised concrete parapet around the perimeter of the podium with concrete copings. The asphalt surface beneath the concrete pavers was assumed to have failed in numerous locations due to the extent of water ingress to the car park below. The asphalt appeared to be in poor condition and there was extensive crazing on the surface as well as evidence of distortion due to prolonged exposure to the sun and lack of solar reflective finish. There was also evident of a build-up of deposits in the rainwater gullies and downpipes.

The concrete soffit to the car park below was showing signs of prolonged water ingress through spalling concrete, exposed reinforcement bars and excess mineral deposits.

We provided the client with 3 different cost options; isolated repairs; asphalt overlay; and to renew the waterproof membrane.


ProjectRaised Podium and GaragesSiteDalkeith Court, SW1P 4HHClientCityWest Homes LtdValueUnconfirmedProgramSeptember 2015ServicesArchitectural Design, Structural Design, Leak Detection Investigations